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Derek Pierce – Borrowed Authority Method








Introducing Borrowed Authority Method


The Borrowed Authority Method is a simple system to piggyback off the authority of others to quickly rank…

You can use this method for Affiliate Marketing, Local SEO clients, and brand reputation management…

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll see on the inside…


Module # 1 Can´t Beat Them? Join ‘em

What is BAM and how will this make you money? I´ll lay it all out on the line in this module..

I´ll show you how to piggyback off of some super authoritative sites, my favorites sites to use, and the “quick scan” process…

And I´ll show you the process for keeping everything organized…

Module # 2 Monetizing BAM

This is where so many miss the target… Once you setup your BAM sites, i?s time to properly customize them in such a way for monetization.

I´ll show you how to “quickly” and easy prep these for maximum conversions!

Module # 3 Advanced BAM

In this module, II ´ll show you a very simple, yet sneaky way to use Getresponse and Aweber to rank…

Very few people know how to use these autoresponders for SEO but this is extremely effective.

Module # 4 The Backlinking Blitz

The rules are not the same when it comes to backlinking your BAM sites.

You´ll see the software that I use to leapfrog over the competition. I hold nothing back – I´ll show you the anchor text, the backlinking strategy – you get everything…



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