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Derek Halpern Yes Engines

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Derek Halpern – Yes Engines


Introducing “Yes Engines”

For the first time ever, I will reveal how I used “Yes Engines” to build a business from scratch to 7 figures in less than 3 years. Best part: You can replace those old school, high-pressure sales tactics that push honest, affluent customers away… …and learn the 3-step selling system that:
  1. Shows you how to attract the right people
  2. Gives you the exact techniques to close the sale
  3. And most important, provides you with a sales strategy you can scale when the time is right.
If you sell information products, coaching, and other services, you’ll see how simple it is to learn… even if you haven’t started selling anything yet… even if you currently HATE selling… even if you’re selling $0.99 ebooks or $10,000 consulting packages.  

Why I Hate Traditional Product Launches, Sales Funnels, and Other Gimmicks

  Hi, I’m Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers. I’m the guy one writer at Forbes called an “expert on consumer psychology” and one Inc. writer declared an “expert marketer.” That’s why you’ll be surprised that, though I now believe selling is the secret to building a five, six, or seven figure business… …I used to DESPISE selling. You see, I started my business because I wanted to help people. I didn’t feel right asking them for money. It just made things “weird.” And when I saw how other people sold their products, I felt like I needed to take a shower. Especially when it came to “product launches,” “sales funnels,” and other persuasion gimmicks. It didn’t feel right. And, I always felt like those systems were GREAT for people who already built a large email list. What if people were starting from scratch? What could THEY do? So I began researching other ways to sell online… …And I stumbled on other unscrupulous marketers and salesman teaching what they knew.  

Manipulation? Mind control? BLEAH

It was horrifying. These other “teachers” would tell their students to: “control the mind of your prospects,” “ethically brainwash,” and “a perfectly legal way to…” Seriously? People TAUGHT THIS? Or how about those people who say they “share good content” in email, but for whatever reason, you never see any of that content. Instead, all you see is sales pitch after sales pitch after sales pitch? If you already had an aversion to selling, and you stumble on tactics like that, you’ll NEVER do it. And for good reason. You avoided these scammy tactics because you care about your customers.

Plus, They’re Not Working As Well As They Used To…

Stepping off the soap box a second, the truth is, those other methods for launching products and services weren’t working as well as they used to work… Why? Because I believe people got tired of them, and became keen to their tricks. And when I’d hear other people say things like, “We need to send more emails now to make the same amount of money we used to make,” that was iron-clad proof to me that things just weren’t as rosy as they were.

So, I had a decision to make…

On the one hand, I didn’t want to use scammy tactics. On the other hand, I knew I needed to learn how to sell. Why did I know this? BECAUSE PEOPLE WEREN’T BUYING. And it made NO sense.

They Said The Same 3 Things Over and Over (And That’s Why I Knew It Was My Fault)

People would tell me how thankful they are, and how they’d like to buy something from me, but when I’d send them a link, they’d disappear and I’d never hear from them again. Then, on the off chance people provided feedback, they’d say things like: “I would buy, but I don’t have enough money right now.” “You’re too expensive.” “I’m not sure I need this right now, maybe I’ll need it in a few months.” Sound familiar? At first, I blamed them. I’d laugh with my friends and say, “They just don’t understand. They’re only hurting themselves.” And my friends would agree, “Yea, they weren’t right for you anyway!” But deep down I knew this wasn’t true. I knew these people could benefit from what I was selling right now. I knew they could afford it, especially since the value I provided made it a no brainer. And that’s when I uncovered the truth about selling: there were 5 big myths, and they just weren’t true.  

Phase 1: The Preview Before You Think About Selling, Do This…

Remember, there are three types of people who visit your site: the instant buyers, the instant non-buyers, and the sideliners. The only way you’ll get the sideliners interested in buying from you is by showing them you’re the real deal. And that you’re someone who can be trusted. And that’s why you need to offer valuable content before you ever ask people to buy anything. It will help you build credibility, make people want what you’re selling before they know you’re selling it, and more. Plus, if you currently don’t have an email list, this free Preview content can be used to help you build one from scratch. What makes “Preview” content different from other content? Most people think they can reverse engineer content they see other people use to sell their products… …And that’s a HUGE mistake. First, most people don’t really know what they’re doing when they’re selling. And second, you don’t know what they’re thinking behind the scenes – and that missing information is often the difference between a successful launch and a failure. Then, there are other people who just create whatever they feel like their customer will benefit from. And they publish it. And while this might be valuable, creating just “any” content is a sure-fire way to kill a sale. Preview content, on the other hand, follows a specific strategy Three Step Strategy for creating content. You’ll know what content to create, how much content to create, and more important, what order that content should get released in to maximize your chances for generating sales. You see, if you send the wrong content, you could torpedo your chances at landing the sale. And if you “give away the farm,” people will have no reason left to buy from you.

Phase 2: The Offer This Is How to Convert Prospects Into Customers (Without Ever Feeling Salesy)

Long story short, The Offer is when you ask people to buy what you’re selling. Maybe you send them to a