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The New Psychology of Winning

How to make winning your newest habit so you start experiencing success in your career and your life without conscious effort.

How The New Psychology Of Winning Will Help You

After finishing this 82 days program you will discover:

    The single most powerful way to flip your brain’s switch to “win” and crank up your imagination to high so you can talk yourself UP to success. All in less than 15 minutes of fun practice a day…

    How to discover your priceless potential so you can become your own greatest mentor, role model, best friend, coach and inspiration…

    The Waitley Way: How US Olympians use visual simulation to succeed before they compete… and how to stay humble and hungry in the heat of competition.

    Why your outward success is a mirror image of what you think you’re worth on the inside… and how to truly become an “A” player that inspires your tribe.

    The “I got this” mindset that gets you recognized as the “go to” girl or guy leaders trust to help them win big

    The “future me” seeing-eye “trick” that’s helped American POWs endure years of captivity… and how to harness the same mental technology so you can win no matter what setbacks you face or how long it takes.

    How to hardwire your brain to consistently perform at the top of your game from the locker room to the boardroom… so you can lead with compassion and resourcefulness.

    How to be more persuasive in the company of other super performers… so you can attract winners who can’t wait to contribute to your vision of success

    And much, much more…

This newly updated version of the top selling personal growth program in human history will motivate you like no other, and you’ll do it all with the support, inspiration and encouragement of a group of likeminded souls, your Quest Tribe.

As you quickly absorb the wisdom Denis Waitley shares with your Tribe, you’ll be amazed how deeply you connect to your peers and how emotionally invested you become in supporting their growth as they strongly support yours.

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Denis Waitley – The New Psychology Of Winning – MindValley
5,50 $
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