David Tian – Conversation Vortex

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Conversation Vortex is product sold only to already customers. The course reveals everything you need to charm attractive women with your words


3 Modules

1 Bonus Module

    Over 6 hours of course videos

    This proprietary, special step-by-step program tested for over 10 years in more than 87 countries

Total control and confidence in my dating life!

“Before training at Aura, I never felt in control of my emotions and choices and often found myself reacting to the games women were engineering. David taught me how to build bulletproof beliefs and mindsets, and now I have total control and confidence in my dating life–I’m able to choose what kind of relationships I want with the women I want. A true pioneer and innovator in his field, Dr. Tian’s coaching helps you find your inner strength and rebuilds you from the inside out. Do it, you will not regret it.”


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David Tian – Conversation Vortex Contents: Videos, Pdf


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