David Snyder - Weapons of Social Seduction


Are you ready to hold the secret weapon for hypnotic social attraction and get anyone and everyone to listen to your command?

These Are The Most POWERFUL Influence Techniques Known To Man; Developed and Used By Politicians And Intelligence Agencies!

Do you find yourself constantly struggling to …

  • Gain TOTAL CONTROL of any personal and business negotiations

  • Make any type of situation IN FAVOR OF YOU

  • Have an EXCEPTIONAL INFLUENCE over those who are around you

  • ELIMINATE ALL THE BARRIERS that stand in your way of success

Then listen closely …

Hold the weapons for Social Seduction and Psychological Self Defense. Discover how to use them to gain control in both your personal and professional life.

  • Have you ever wanted more awareness and control over your internal emotional states?

  • Have you ever wanted to exert your influence over the world around you?

The procedures you will learn in the Weapons of Social Seduction will expand on the lessons learned in the Conversational Persuasion and Influence.

If you are ready, the Weapons of Social Seduction will teach you:

  • How To Create Deep and Powerful Connections With People

  • How To Control Your Inner State AT WILL

  • How To Connect With Another Human Beings Central Nervous System

  • How To Use That Connection to Send Feelings To Them

  • How To Open Another Human Being To Your Influence

  • How To Manage Someone’s Emotional State From Across The Room

When you understand these concepts, you’ll become a lethal negotiating machine!

Ok, so first and foremost you need to understand 3 hidden facts about influence before I continue:

Rule #1: Anything Outside Of Your Awareness Is Outside Of Your Control

Rule #2: Just Because You Are Unaware Of It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Controlling You

Rule #3: You Must Become More Aware Of Yourself To Satisfy Your Primal Desires

Stop relying on Luck, Fate, or Destiny! Have total control of the things that YOU WANT in life and steer away from what you don’t want!

  • Do you want to learn the most powerful language patterns on Earth?

  • Do you want to know HOW TO influence attraction?

  • Do you want to learn exactly how to get people to comply with you?


The knowledge I will share with you in The Weapon of Social Seduction has helped thousands of people use it to create DEEP and POWERFUL connections with people.

This information has earned me the title of “#2 NLP Trainer In The World” by Global Gurus.


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