David Snyder – Killer Influence 2017

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Experience the single MOST POWERFUL covert influence techniques known today through the Killer Influence course. Learn the secrets of covert hypnotic influence and discover how you can use these techniques to create a tremendous amount of influence in your personal and professional life. Instantly allow yourself to heal, grow, and make all of your dreams happen. The Killer Influence system will expand on the lessons learned in the Conversational Persuasion & Influence course, and give you even more awareness and control over your internal emotional states – and what that means for exerting influence in the world.

Once you are ready, Killer Influence will teach you…

    How To Create DEEP And Powerful Connections With People

    How To Control Your State At Will

    How To Connect With Another Human Beings Nervous System,

    How To Use That Connection To Send Feelings To Them

    Have Them Be More Open To Your Influence

    How To Manage Their Emotional State From Across The Room

    How To Tap In To The Secret Processes They Use To Make Decisions

    How To Automatically Target The Emotional Triggers And Hot Buttons That Make Them Do EXACTLY What You Want Them To Do

    How To Be A Master Hypnotist

    Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Social Hypnotic Operators

    Learn How to Cold Read Any Human

    Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Proxemic Hypnotic Operators

    Learn The Most Powerful Language Patterns On The Planet

    How To Influence Attraction

    Learn The Four Pillars Of Hypnotic Influence

    Learn Exactly How To Get People To Comply To You

If you are one of the lucky few that are ready to take your influence skills to the next level, take action now with Killer Influence. Join David Snyder in expanding your hypnotic and influence skills in ways you never before thought possible.

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David Snyder – Killer Influence 2017
5,50 $
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