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Dave Kaminski Wordpress Secrets For Marketers

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Dave Kaminski Wordpress Secrets For Marketers

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Dave Kaminski – WordPress Secrets for Marketers

\'Dave   \'Dave   75 million web sites use WordPress. 22% of all domains registered in the United States use WordPress. Top sites like TechCrunch, The New York Times and Best Buy run on WordPress. The popularity of WordPress is not hard to understand…it’s free, easy to use and just about any type of business can be run using WordPress.. But with this popularity come some headaches. For example, sites using WordPress routinely come under Malware and Brute Force attacks. Not even the little guys are immune…I know, it’s happened to me. In fact WordPress sites get targeted so much, that WordPress released 20 updates to their software alone in 2014. And if you do any type of Internet Marketing, you have another set of headaches on top of that. Mainly, what stuff you should use with WordPress to make your