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Dandrew Media Sal Buscemi Commercial Deal Maker Mastery

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Dandrew Media Sal Buscemi Commercial Deal Maker Mastery

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Dandrew Media (Sal Buscemi) – Commercial Deal Maker Mastery


This high level exclusive training gives you everything you need to become a highly paid deal maker, intermediary, and consultant.

Attract as many clients and investors as you can handle. You’ll get all the tools and strategies to…

  • Analyze and structure deals

  • Raise unlimited capital

  • Find the most profitable properties

  • Launch a massively lucrative commercial deal making business

It’s packed with 3 solid days of LIVE RECORDED training videos. An event that folks paid $5,800 to attend.

Here’s everything you get:

  • How To Qualify Any Commercial Deal in 90 Seconds

    Know this, and you’ll know more than 90% of the investors out there. This one simple tool puts big bucks in your pocket.

  • Asset Class Review

    Get all the profit pumping details of the major property classes: Retail, Multifamily, Office, and Industrial.

  • Sponsorship and Sponsor Equity

    How to qualify your owner/operator in any deal, and the guidelines to ensure they skin in the game. This in INVALUABLE for deal makers.

  • Beyond the Five Data Points

    How to assess, value and bid on any property or asset: REO, value added, defaulted notes, discounted payoffs, stabilized assets, and stressed capital structure.

  • Distressed Asset Lifecycle

    Know how to profit and mitigate risk at every stage of loan default. Discover where in the cycle you can get the biggest discount and create the fattest opportunities

  • How To Buy Non-Performing Commercial Notes

    Know the questions to ask and how to analyze the paper BEFORE investing a single dime. Minimize your risk and boost your profits instantly.

  • Why Commercial Deals Go Bad

    Sit back and hold tight. Sal digs deep into real deals to show you these common investor mistakes to avoid.

  • Architecting the Perfect Pitch

    Raising capital and getting investors to say YES to stroke you a check for your private equity fund has never been easier.

  • How to Build a Lucrative Consulting Business

    Command high fees and a piece of the action using this ‘Wall Street’ style fee structure template. Know the questions to ask and how to position yourself as a highly paid intermediary.

Plus you also get these training videos:

  • Building Trust and Credibility

    Leave NO DOUBT in the client’s mind who they want to hire to advise and oversee their deal. With just a few simple—yet critical—steps to take, you become the #1 deal making authority in your market

  • Deal Calculus: Deal or No Deal

    It’s number crunching time, right before your very eyes, so you know what to look for. Never miss a beat.

  • Co-Investing, Club Deals, and Direct Investing

    More creative ways to do deals, arrange financing, partner, and joint venture. Once you know this, you never have to go it alone.

  • Deal Sourcing

    Find out where to look to get the best deals and the most profitable properties. While other investors are duking it out over the same meager inventory, you’ll have access to a wealth of assets with this deal-seeking ‘heat map.’

  • Live Student Case Studies

    Be a fly on the wall as we dive deep and dissect student deals. You’ll quickly learn the tricks of the trade of what to do, what not to do, and how to expertly evaluate deals.

  • Q&A with Sal

    You want answers? You got ’em. There’s no substitute for being in ‘the hot seat’ and getting all your questions answered…in all types of scenarios and stages of the deal.

  • Deal Review

    Dig in to the finer points of questions to ask, numbers to look for, evaluating sponsors, and capital structure. No one…no one will be as well equipt as you in your market.

  • And MORE!

Plus you get these BONUSES:

  • Commercial Deal Maker Manual  (Value $497)

    Your quick and easy reference guide. This concise, condensed manual is the perfect companion to keep in your briefcase or satchel whenever you’re out of the house or office. Get the answers you’re looking for at the snap of a finger.

  • Commercial Deal Maker Mastery MP3’s (Value $997)

    Don’t have time to sit and watch the videos today? No problem. You get the audio version of the ENTIRE training to listen when and where you want. Load on your iPod and listen on the go. There’s nothing stopping you now!

  • Exclusive Infographics (Value $582)

    These blueprints are perfect to keep by your desk for instant answers to systems, processes, organization, deal structure and analysis, and so much more.

SIZE: 9,5 GB


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