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Dan Kennedy – The Best of Dan Kennedy

\'best_of_dan_kennedy_ps_web\'   Sneak away with the EXACT same Money-Making Tools and Profit Strategies others paid thousands of dollars for. Follow Dan’s experience-based, experienced-tested, and experienced-proven guidance on how to position you and your business for maximum growth, profits and success. Apply Dan’s systems (the same ones people have used to make fortunes with) and you’ll walk away with reliable, predictable, consistent systems that affordably and efficiently provide you with abundant quantities of quality prospects, customers and clients.
  • Re-invent Your Business for Maximum Growth, Profit & Success
  • Turn Your Mailing Lists Into Money
  • Solve ALL Your Advertising, Marketing, & Sales Problems Fast & Forever


One of the BEST libraries of Dan Kennedy writing and interviews ever assembled. Reveals Dan S. Kennedy’s closely guarded secrets previously recorded for Dan’s clients at their request—now available to you for a tiny fraction of what other’s paid for it.
A Fast Start Guide
Get a quick crash course in the underlying fundamental success principles behind all of the marketing advice & examples Dan teaches. Learn his “step-ladder approach” to building powerful ads that instantly yields results.
15 Special Reports
Give yourself the “Million Dollar Marketing Mind” and instantly improve your ads, coupons, sales letters and more with tips ranging from how to create compelling Unique Selling Propositions to ideas for publishers and marketers of Info-Products to instantly double results and increase attendance at events.
61 of Dan’s Best Monthly Exclusive Interviews
Apply even one secret from these exclusive interviews with successful users of direct response advertising, leading experts, entrepreneurs, famous business authors and speakers and you’re sure to make money. Features Perry Marshall, Yanik Silver, Joe Polish, John Carlton and many others including Dan’s commentary.
The 19 Secrets of Exceptional Selling
Know how much business will be coming in each day with predictable certainty with these secrets to overcoming skepticism and what to do before, during and after the sale.
Six Full Years of the No B.S. Marketing Letter
Receive every jam-packed issue (six years worth) of what members refer to as a “day-long intense seminar in print”. Each issue is packed with advertising or sales letter “makeovers”, terrific examples of “what works”, marketing news, trends and ongoing teaching of Dan’s most important strategies.
More Than 1900+ Pages of Solid, Pure Gold Content From Dan Kennedy
Access a massive library of business, marketing and sales know-how proven again and again to get BIG results.