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  Besides all the bonuses I talked about yesterday, I’m also adding in: BONUS: A copy of the template software in its native file, for my actual newsletter. This saves about two days it would normally take you to design your own newsletter, trying to come up with a format that works, where one page flows into the other, that’s formatted and looks like a ‘newsletter.’ This is in addition to all the information and Bonuses that are already packed into the program, including: * 8 Newsletter training Audios (3 1/2 hours)… * Transcripts of the Audios… * A Summary Workbook… * 10 Bonus Audios, covering not 10, not 20… but the top 50 questions asked about publishing a newsletter… * 4 Bonus Audio interviews (average over 1 hour long each) with 4 independent newsletter publishers. * PLUS… since I also want you to be able to market your newsletter, I’ve included 3 separate newsletter marketing swipe file examples for you, PLUS… video critiques and explanations of the sales letters themselves. This way, “marketing” your newsletter will be easy… * Plus, a free trial to my Maximum Money Club… The Publisher’s Program includes everything that’s in the above Basic Program, PLUS… 1. 17 Examples of Independent Self-Published Newsletters Reviewing these, will help you decide what your newsletter is going to look like, and it will give you lots of ideas for Newsletter columns. In other words, this helps you put the material from the program, into more tangible form in your mind… PLUS… 2. Instead of getting 3 videos and 3 newsletter marketing swipe file pieces, you’ll be getting 19 of them. That’s right – NINETEEN! I don’t think you’ll have a problem marketing your newsletter after this \':-)\' PLUS… 3. I also put together a summary of ALL 19 of these ads, showing you their offers or incentives… subscription prices… calls to action… and the back-end of the business, to help you understand how their marketing costs turn into profits… Again, I’ve really gone out of my way to cover absolutely every single aspect of writing, publishing, and marketing your newsletter in this program. Lots of stuff in this program, so if you’ve ever thought or using an offline newsletter (and if you have a service business, this is a MUST), or if you have a newsletter right now, but it’s not doing the things it’s supposed to be doing for you… Then check out Newsletter Profits now Now go sell something, Craig Garber \'Newsletter \'imagegetter.jsp\'