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Gentlemen, welcome to one of the most important blog posts you’ll ever read. All of the effort you’ve put out in developing your Game comes down to one final aspect: can you fuck her so good, that she’ll keep coming back for more?

If you’ve had any doubts about your sexual prowess, this article will lead you to the pussy promise land and will ensure that you have some tools to take it up a notch. Pun intended.

Without further ado, 5 Tips For How To Fuck Her Like A Pornstar.

5. Focus On The Psychological, Not The Physical

I get emails weekly from readers who ask what is the best position to fuck a girl in and how long they should have sex for before cumming. Hear me loud and clear: Fucking a girl properly is only partially physical. The rest is psychological. Turning her on physically is a part of the process, but turning her mind on and getting into her head is what you want to do. This separates you from the boys who are trying to utilize every sex position known to mankind to impress her.

4. Dominate Her Physically

Get the concept of the two of you lying on a bed of roses and gently having missionary sex out of your head, if you ever want to keep her around. That shit doesn’t fly. You have to manhandle her and be a man: dominant, ravishing and always leading and taking control.

3. Get Rough Within Reason

Girls today are jaded by multiple partners, being frequent porn viewers themselves and sexual experimentation to the 9th degree. What alpha males get, is that women actually fantasy and enjoy rough consensual sex. This is a part of the desire to be ‘taken’ by a man and ravished like it’s the last time on earth that two humans have sex.

2. Don’t Try To Please Her, Have Her Please You

This is a big one gents. You have to get it through your head that by using Frame and Dominance, her pleasuring you, provides pleasure for her. Alpha males are dominant and get what they want from women.

They are not pussy footing around, eating a girl’s pussy out for an hour trying to make her cum. There’s a time and place for that, but not in the initial stages from ONS to repeat hookup partner.

To put this in simple terms: Girls love to suck and fuck an alpha males cock and biologically have the instinct and craving to get his seed. In other words, bitches want your cock n’ cum when you’re a High Value Male. Period. This is a fucking fact that will never change.

Girls reward alpha males who take charge, with their pussies. This has always been this way and always will.

She is your plaything and you should treat her as such. Fuck her like it’s the last time you’ll ever have sex again and do it for your pleasure, not hers. Ravish her, dominate her, open her mind by looking her in the eyes and talking dirty to her and you will rock her fucking world.

Many a time, I’ve had sexy sluts tell me, “I love how you just take me and you’re like a wild animal while we’re fucking”. Think about that: “wild animal”. You sure as hell won’t get a girl worked up by lying under the covers and gently penetrating her in the missionary position.

1. Be Spontanenous

You know where my least favorite place to fuck a girl is? A bed. Yep, it’s fucking boring to me. My favorite place is a public restroom in the handicap stall. At my pad? Her bent over my bathroom counter facing the mirror. She has one leg on the counter and I’m behind her fucking her while pulling her hair and maintaining eye contact with her in the mirror. Powerful stuff.

Want to really turn on a girl, get her wetter than Niagara Falls and have her truly get hooked on your sexual prowess? Get Spontaneous.

The reason why sex gets predictable between partners is because they get into routines. You have to live in the moment.

-Pull in her the alley behind a dumpster up against the wall, hike her skirt up and go to town.

-Slip into a one toilet restroom, lock the door and bend her over the counter.

Obviously be smart and make sure you’re not within plain sight, but mix it up. Girls love the randomness and excitement that having sex at the drop of the hat provides them and you will too, if you stop thinking of sex of always having to take place on a bed. You’ll find that as you incorporate mixing up where you have sex, that it’ll unleash an animal like instinct in you, and you’ll ravish her body.

In this 102-page ultimate guide to great sex, I’ve packed all my sex secrets into this ebook.

Whether you might be struggling with cumming too quick, or maybe getting her to cum and everything in between from drizzling hot wax on your girls, to pulling over on the side of the road and bending her over your hood (yea, this book is no joke), there is no book out there like this…

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Christian McQueen – How To Fck Like A Pornstar (ebook)
5,50 $
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