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You’re about to learn everything you need to know to attract sexy girls, be the popular guy in social situations and triple your dates, but what about getting laid right now?

With Get Laid Tonight Speed System you’ll learn everything you need to know in this short, but powerful 1.5 hour course to go out and get laid tonight!

Here’s what you’re about to get:

    Have a specific plan for when you roll out whether you’re an Introvert or an Extrovert (this is super badass!)

    Quickly learn my exact secret formula for FAST same night pulls that have helped me have sex with 400+ girls

    Be able to roll out without a wingman, without nightlife connections and know exactly what to do, what to say, how to get her to leave with you and how to get sex

Table of Contents

Module 1: The Plan

– A step-by-step game plan

– The type of woman you’re looking for

– An important mindset to immediately adopt

– The Swagger Factor Formula for success

– A plan specifically for an introvert, and one for an extrovert

– Based on personality type, where to meet women that is best suited for your game

Module 2: The Formula

– Lines that get you fast sex

– Special approaches that work

– A mindset to immediately put you at ease

– Four questions to screen women fast and hard

– A style of Game to pull women at the last minute

– An anti-cockblocking line to score multiple lays

– A key move to get a woman into an emotional state

– How to get a woman into a one-night stand mindset

– How to spot the DTF women as soon as you enter a room

– What to do within 30 seconds of approaching, with examples

– A 5-part formula used to pull a lot of women the same night

– How to get a woman back to your place or hers, seamlessly and fast

– How to immediately get physical with a woman in a way that she wants you to

Module 3: The Finish Line

– Dealing with LMR (Last Minute Resistance)

– Get a woman begging to have sex with you

– Best responses to 11 common LMR lines from a woman

– How to overcome frustrating moments when a woman is resistant to having sex

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Christian McQueen – Get Laid Tonight
5,50 $
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