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Chris Record – Digital Agency Builders

Digital Agency Buildersâ„¢

Digital Agency Builders is an online business system designed to help beginners make additional income working from home with our done-for-you agency websites.

We officially launch in October 2018 but for a limited time you can join us during pre-launch for half the price, and we will bump your commissions up to 50% on all sales!

On this web page you will learn about our “Founders Club” offer which gives you tons of extra perks and incentives and is only available during pre-launch.  You’ll also learn about our “Founders Club Co-Op” which is only available to the first 500 to join us.



Get Your Own Pre-Built Online Business in a Box

From the Founder,
Chris Record, Las Vegas, NV.

It’s 2018 and it’s never been simpler to build a web page, a sales funnel, design a logo, or even to animate that logo and create a viral video for a client.

Yet as technology advances, why is it that so many entrepreneurs still struggle to make money online and setup their brand?

Here are the 4 Core Reasons:

1. Lack of Knowledge – They don’t know how to do it.

2. Lack of Money – They think they can’t afford to do it.

3. Lack of Time – They would rather pay someone to do it.

4. Fear – They don’t believe enough in their own abilities.

Earlier this year I set out to SOLVE this problem.

What if I could create a turnkey done-for-you system that the average person could plug into and make money online?

Not just a system to sell to others, but one that I could use myself!

That’s when the concept of Digital Agency Builders (DAB) was born.

I asked my top programmer to build me out a turnkey agency website that I could host at my own domain name, with all the bells and whistles of what I would want if I was just getting started again.

I would want the whole site built for me without the need for coding or tech skills.  I would want training tutorials that showed me how to do everything I wanted to do with the site so that I wouldn’t be lost.

I would want someone to write the copy on each page so that it converted as many visitors as possible when they came to my site, and i would want my own stripe or paypal account connected so that I could earn money directly into my own bank account.

And these were just some of the basic items on the list I made.

So my programmer went to work and began building out a turnkey fully automated system and I’m excited to announce that it’s almost ready to be released to the public!

We are currently in pre-launch and are looking for entrepreneurs that believe in our vision and mission, who want to be part of the first group of users when our system rolls out called the Founders Club.

When you join today, you’ll be rewarded with a massive discount with no monthly or annual fees, and you’ll receive a commission bump to 50% of all referrals that you ever send our way instead of the 25%-40% that other members will be receiving that choose to join later.

Plus you’ll have the ability to promote our amazing pre-launch offer which converts like crazy and you’ll earn $1,000 for every referral!

Position yourself now for a massive wave of success in 2018!



Learn step-by-step how to setup your Agency including strategies that you can use to start making money.

You’ll learn ways to market and generate traffic for your website as well as creative hacks that business owners are looking for.

All of this training is designed to turn an amateur into a professional.

Now that you’ve got a SUMMARY of our product offering, let’s dive into a lot more detail so that you can make an informed decision!



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Chris Record Digital Agency Builders
5,50 $
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