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Chris Record 8k Per Day Formula

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Chris Record 8k Per Day Formula

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Chris Record – $8K Per Day Formula


The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners! – How I went from a Negative Bank Account to Having $8K+ Per Days Online – In Hopes to Inspire You and Teach You my Techniques!

Why did I create this program? Because I know there are other marketers like me out there. You’ve been through struggles, you’ve bought a bunch of programs, you’ve tried a bunch of different strategies, but nothing seems to be working – But you aren’t going to give up!

“The biggest obstacle to our success is the 6-inches between our ears, our negative self-talk, doubt, and lack of belief”

You deserve success.  You deserve financial freedom.  You deserve to know what it’s like to be able to create 6 figures online, or even 7-figures online. Life is short.  And we all wake up in the morning and put on our pants the same way. So what makes some people so different, and so able to create so much wealth? Next time you drive through a big city, look at all the buildings.  Someone owns them. People own all the stores.  People own all the houses.  People own all the cars. Money is everywhere. It’s all around us. Wealth is right there in front of us every single day, but yet it still feels impossible at times right? Well I’m on a mission to change that. I’m on a mission to create millionaires!   How to Make $8,000 Per Day in Affiliate Marketing   First things first, this method is NOT about luck.It’s about modeling after my exact methods that I’m using as an affiliate marketer to create six figure months. You might be thinking – “I would be happy making six figures per year, let alone six figures per month”And that’s the first part of the mindset that we need to fix. My first rule is for you to 10X all of your goals. If you want to make six figures per year online as an affiliate marketer, then set your goal to make six figures per month! Start modeling after someone who makes six figures per month.  Start doing the same activities they are doing, copying everything you can from them.  Because 99% of people end up falling short on their goals, and only end up reaching 10% of them. So if you set your goal to make $100,000 per month, and fail by 90%, then you still made $10,000 that month, and if you keep that up it’s over 6-figures per year! Plus, in order to make $100,000 per month it requires working SMARTER not harder. You will have to apply completely out of the box thinking, and you will have to change your mindset and unlearn some of your bad habits. And that’s where I come in. Remember my story of being absolutely broke, evicted, and negative bank account? Well, just 8 months later I had my first $100,000 month! And $485,432.55 that year! So what changed? What was the big shift? What was the slight edge for me?

I built a 50,000 person highly engaged list with Facebook traffic, and it generated me millions of dollars in revenue that year!

I didn’t start with 50,000 leads.  I started with ZERO leads. But my vision was to get to 5,000 highly engaged leads as fast as possible. Once I hit that goal I decided to 10X it and focus on that with all of my passion. And I did. I focused primarily on Facebook traffic to build my list, but I also employed a strategy of multiple sources of leads, especially highly targeted FREE leads, so that I could build my list much faster and on a limited budget. I got creative. I used out of the box strategies. I leveraged about 10 different sources for traffic and leads and it paid off.  And now I’m going to teach you all of it! I’m also going to teach you my sales process, because it’s different than what most affiliate marketers are doing out there. There is a reason that I rank top 5 in every affiliate contest I enter, and I finish #1 in the majority of them, even when there are people with 10x my experience in the contest. I have a new technique, different than what everyone is doing, and it’s working great! Are you excited to learn my step by step process to start applying it yourself???     SESSION #1 HOW TO GET A $20,000+ SPENDING LIMIT FOR FBâ„¢ ADS In this session I show you my exact 3-step process I use time after time to getting BIG spending limits on Facebookâ„¢ so that you can get an advertising budget as high as $2,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more!   SESSION #2 HOW TO GET A $10,000 WORKING CAPITAL LOAN FROM PAYPALâ„¢ There is an exact process that I’ve been using successfully with students to help them get $5000, $10,000 and even $20,000 loans through the Paypalâ„¢ working capital program – But it requires these vital steps first!   SESSION #3 7 STEPS TO BUILD A 10,000+ PERSON OPT-IN EMAIL LIST You’ve heard everyone tell you to build a list right? But chances are that you did build a list and it was unresponsive and didn’t buy anything, or you just never really figured out how to build a list in the first place. In this session I’m going to change that for you. You see, the goal is to build a REAL list that is engaged and actually buys stuff that you sell, but also to build a SCALABLE list so that you can grow it into the tens of thousands. I’m excited to break all of this down in this session – which could easily be a course on it’s own!   SESSION #4 HOW TO SET UP BONUSES AND SEQUENCES FOR PROMOS When I first got started I built an unresponsive list that wouldn’t buy anything.  But after applying the strategies in Session 3 I built a highly responsive list of buyers. Now in session 4 I’m going to show you my exact methods to convert sales from the list you build through proper email sequences and unique selling propositions.   SESSION #5 HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT OFFERS TO PROMOTE TO YOUR LIST Success Leaves Clues. There is a specific process that I use to hand select which offers I promote to my list, and it’s something that I can teach you to model after so that you pick winner, and you promote offers that convert!   SESSION #6 HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS ON EVERY OFFER YOU PROMOTE One of the huge mistakes that affiliate marketers make is by only earning the affiliate commission paid out on the initial offer they promote. This causes them to make at least HALF of what they could be making! In this session I’m going to teach you a must-follow strategy that you will start applying to EVERY promotion that you send to your lists, and how to Double or even Triple the profits on each sale that you make!   SESSION #7 HOW TO RUN PROFITABLE ADS TO EVERY OFFER YOU PROMOTE There are only a handful of marketers that run profitable FB ad campaigns when they promote offers, and they generall only do it on the bigger launches. Meanwhile there are smaller launches every day that convert like crazy and you might be the ONLY one smart enough to rake in extra cash on profitable Facebookâ„¢ ads!   SESSION #8 PRODUCT LAUNCH DOMINATION QUARTERLY 6-FIGURE LAUNCHES Now that you are mastering the process of affiliate marketing, you are likely meeting other top affiliates, ranking on leaderboards, sending a ton of traffic to launches, and getting your name well known out there. Now it’s time to turn it up a notch with your own launch! In this session I’ll give you a breakdown of how to launch products and recruit jv’s through “reciprocal promotions” to generate hundreds of thousands of visitors to your launch, generate 5-6 figures in revenues, and expand your email list with red hot buyers!