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Erection Enhancement

First, let me just set the record straight, yes, it is possible to cause the penis to grow even after a man has reached maturity.

Why I Revealed this Recipe and What It Can Do for You.

A few months ago, I received a call from a young man who lived in another state. He had read of me on the internet and left a message for me to call.

“Doctor,” he said on the phone. “I only have a 2 inch penis and I’m so embarrassed that I’ve never been on a date with a woman.”

He was 22 years old.

I told him that I could help him but could not prescribe medicines for him unless he came to see me in person (the law prohibits me from prescribing without seeing someone in person). He said that his finances would not allow him to fly to see me but that he had insurance and figured he would just go see his local physician.

I asked that he call or email to let me know how it went.

A few weeks later, he called to tell me that he had been to see the urologist and could he please send to me the results of the blood work that was done.

He did send it to me and I was saddened by what I saw. Several of the most important tests to be done were not done. There are some therapies that can be done hormonally but they can’t be done unless the physician measures the correct things so that he knows how to replace what is needed.

I didn’t really know what to do. The fellow couldn’t come see me. And, you can’t have two cooks in the kitchen so you really can’t have two physicians work with the same patient when one of the physicians is in another state and has never even seen the patient (at least that is how the urologist would see it).

To describe what should be done and why would be too complicated for a phone call anyway, even to another physician. So, I decided to put here the recipe that I use to restart penis growth in men who are dissatisfied with their penis.

I hope you find it useful.

What you have in your hands

What I’ve provided here is a recipe. If you want hours of entertainment, then a Charles Dickens novel will work better than this. If you want in depth science, then go take a course on biochemistry at your local college. What I’ve provided here is a step‐by‐step recipe for growing a larger penis with enough science description to let you know how the recipe works.

Like the recipe for Coke or for Kentucky Fried Chicken or for Saran Wrap, the recipe is simple but the value is great because of what you get from the recipe that can’t be found else where.


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Charles Runels – Erection Enhancement
5,50 $
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