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Caroline Winegeart Better Branding Course

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Caroline Winegeart – Better Branding Course


What if you could create a memorable, professional brand for your business without paying thousands to hire a designer?

And, what’s even cooler…

What if you created that brand yourself?

No more feeling STUCK every time you want to move forward with a new project or business idea. No more crossing your fingers that the right designer is available at the right time to take on your project.
With this course, I teach YOU to become the designer.
The Better Branding Course is a self-paced, online video course that will give you the freedom to bring your ideas to life. I’m going to teach you my unique process for uncovering your brand story, turning that into a strong brand concept, and finally, translating that concept into beautiful visuals that authentically convey the right tone for your brand.
I want to help you build a business that supports the life you dream of. And beautiful, authentic branding is your ticket to that. Let’s get started, shall we?

What Tools Will I Need?

In an effort to make this course as accessible as possible, I developed the content so that anyone could take advantage of it, regardless of their access or knowledge of design programs like Photoshop. I go through each step of the creation process using not only Photoshop, but also free tools like Canva, Google Slides, and Google Drawings as well. As long as you have access to ONE of the following, you can take full advantage of this course!   \'Branding\'  

What’s Covered In The Course?

The course is separated into four main modules of content, each with a number of individual lessons. \'Better  

What exactly do we cover together?


What you can expect from this course
Lesson 0.1 – Welcome! Some background on my story and why I created the course Lesson 0.2 – About The Course What you can expect, and how to take full advantage of all the course has to offer Lesson 0.3 – The Power of Branding Why authentic branding matters and how it can affect your business, plus what exactly we’ll create togther throughout the course

Module 1: Story

Uncovering what makes you one-of-a-kind
Lesson 1.1 – Intro To Brand Story What the heck is a brand story and how do you find yours Lesson 1.2 – Owning Your Origin Story What led you to create your business and what parts of your past can help make you stand out Lesson 1.3 – Clarifying Your Business Foundation Getting clear on the who, the what, the how and the WHY of your business so that your branding is in line with your business fundamentals Lesson 1.4 – Defining Your Brand Beliefs & Values How to figure out what your brand stands for and what it cares about

Module 2: Concept

Translating your unique story into a concise brand foundation
Lesson 2.1 – Intro To Brand Concept Why it’s important to have a strong conceptual basis before you develop visuals for your brand Lesson 2.2 – Developing Your Brand Canvas Pulling together the various elements of your brand story and turning it into a strong brand perception Lesson 2.3 – Establishing Your Tone Words Selecting the five words that will become the basis of your brand Lesson 2.4 – Building A Visual Vocabulary Understanding how tone words translate to visual design elements Lesson 2.5 – Creating A Mood Board How to pull together the right inspiration images to set a powerful aesthetic as a jumping off point for your visual identity

Module 3: Execution

Translating your concept into a visual Brand Identity
Lesson 3.1 – Intro To Brand Execution What elements make up a Brand Identity and how can you begin to create your brand system Lesson 3.2 – Typography Understanding what gives typefaces their personality, how to pick the right ones for your brand, and when/how to use typefaces throughout your branding Lesson 3.3 – Color How many colors do you need for your brand and how to develop a palette that is versatile and authentic to you Lesson 3.4 – Graphic Elements Illustrations, icons, graphic shapes – they all can pull your entire brand together into something that is unique and cohesive Lesson 3.5 – Logos Once we have the basic parts of your brand, beginning to build a logo becomes much easier! Logo best practices and variations you’ll need Lesson 3.6 – Photography Where to look for great photos and how to develop a consistent aesthetic for blog posts images, web design and social media Lesson 3.7 – Creating Your Brand Board Pulling it all together in a Brand Board so you can see how your brand elements work together and balance each other

Module 4: Activation

Implementing your new brand system into a website design you’re proud to show off (using Squarespace)
Lesson 4.1 – Intro To Brand Activation Fantastic branding is only helpful to your business if you USE IT! 🙂 Lesson 4.2 – Getting Acquainted With Squarespace A walkthrough of the Squarespace dashboard and basic functionality Lesson 4.3 – Website Structure Creation of a site map so that you can start to organize your website content Lesson 4.4 – Page Layouts How to structure content on your page so that it’s interesting and digestible to your website visitors Lesson 4.5 – Branding Your Home Page How to integrate your brand elements into your home page design Lesson 4.6 – Branding Your Social Media Presence Creating banners and profile images that carry your brand seamlessly through to your social profiles Lesson 4.7 – Launching Your Brand! A launch plan to build excitement and buzz around your newly updated brand!