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Carlos Xuma has been teaching men to meet and attract women for many years now, and Get a Girlfriend Fast is his introductory level audio program. It’s really aimed towards guys who have little or no knowledge of dating advice, and want some quick, practical tips they can use to have more success with women.

Even though the title is Get a Girlfriend Fast, Xuma encourages you to spend some time practicing the skills he teaches and not to rush into a relationship. So this is also applicable for men who want to date multiple women, not just those looking for a girlfriend.

If you have no experience whatsoever with dating advice and are looking to increase your success with women, you may find this product beneficial. This is an entry level product for absolute beginners only. Some of the ideas suggested here need a base level of confidence and competence with women that beginners may not yet possess, though.

The download contents audios:

01 – Introduction

02 – Fast Start

03 – Step 1

04 – Step 2

05 – Step 2b

06 – Step 3

07 – Step 4

08 – Step 5

09 – Step 6

10 – Step 7

11 – Bonus – Step7pt5 – Exercises

12 – Bonus – Misc. Tips

Bonus – More Then Just a Friend

Bonus – Social Lifestyle

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Carlos Xuma – Get a Girlfriend Fast Contents: Audios


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Carlos Xuma – Get a Girlfriend Fast
5,50 $
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