Captain Jack – The Pickup Scientist

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Introducing… the “Secret Sexual Underground”… Good Girls in Public, Bad Girls in Private — But ONLY For the Men Who Know How to Show They “Get It”. A Secret Sexual Underground exists and it’s right under your nose, hiding in plain sight – but, it becomes completely visible by those who know how to see it. It’s full of women who are tired of being ‘good girls’ and are tired of ‘nice guys’ — you can discover it in the video below — but, ONLY if you promise NOT to use the techniques on Married Women.

Do you fumble around when starting a conversation with a beautiful woman?

Do the conversations you start go nowhere instead of ending up in mutual sexual attraction?

Or, even worse, does a crazy feeling of helplessness, fear and panic grip your throat and chest like a vice at the MERE thought of starting a conversation?

Ever told yourself or been told by others that “You just need to grab your balls and man up?” or “Feel the fear and do it anyway?”

At one point in my life, I’ve suffered from all of the above problems. But, I found the solution… and, I can guarantee you, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

What if there were a different way? A better way… a smooth, powerful and easy way to start those conversations and have her interested and intrigued from the first moment.

Not with magic words… but with your presence. It is possible using the concept of ‘A Mental Propulsion System.’ The basic idea is to create a strong desire to MOVE FORWARD to open as well as a strong desire to MOVE AWAY FROM anything that would subtract from starting a conversation.

Right after my divorce I found myself thrust into a strange, yet fascinating world as a single guy. I got married young and had never been out to a bar or club or around many single women at all so the whole thing was a bit overwhelming, fascinating and confusing.

Here I was both divorced AND a Father of two young daughters.

I’d try to go out and start conversations but women would ignore me. Or, I’d stand there frozen unsure of what to say or physically TERRIFIED to open. The fear was real and it felt like intense pressure on my chest, stomach and throat.

It was pure hell. My number one method of coping was to get SMASHED by drinking alcohol – LOTS of alcohol. I said it was to relax or loosen up… really it was to avoid the fear.

Many times I’d just avoid the situation altogether.

Fast forward a few years later and I was considered one of the top dating coaches on Earth. I gained the respect of my peers and many considered me the best they’d ever seen in person.

But, I didn’t care so much about the accolades… you see… I had devised a system for unleashing the pent-up sexual demand inherent in any woman I talked to and so…

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Captain Jack – Sexual Framing System and more Contents: PDF´s, Videos (Game Dynamics Mastery, New Propulsion System, Sexual Framing System)


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Captain Jack – The Pickup Scientist
5,50 $
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