Captain Jack – Sexual Framing System and more

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This program is designed to show men how to unleash pent-up sexual desire in a woman and direct your way. This program about how to get sex with beautiful women, with ease.

Module 1: The ‘Society Conditioning Loophole’ that makes sexual framing effective.

Module 2: The Full Game Plan… How to unleash her pent-up sexual demand and aim it squarely at you.

Module 3: Standard date structure and why it ends up in sex 95% of the time. Plus case studies of successful seduction breakdowns.

Bonus products include:

– Conversational Blueprints ebook

– Sexual Framing System Workbook

Table of Topics:

– How to “flip the script” a woman chases you

– How to get more than just a woman’s phone number

– A method for getting a woman to answer your texts and calls

– The reasons not to worry about other men (except husbands)

– What to do if a woman has a boyfriend but still seems interested

– Constructing a story that gets a woman emotionally hooked on you

– How to say things that tap into the sexual parts of a woman’s mind

– A method for sexually escalating that makes sex seem to happen naturally

– How to get a woman to come to you, without going out on a proper date

– A method to get a woman constantly thinking about you in a sexual way

– How to make a woman feel comfortable about sex to bring out her wild side

SIZE: 95 MB (400 MB after unzipping)

Captain Jack – Sexual Framing System Contents: Videos, Pdfs


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Captain Jack – Sexual Framing System and more
5,50 $
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