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Bradley Benner Content Kingpin

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Bradley Benner Content Kingpin

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Bradley Benner – Content Kingpin



Content Kingpin is a 2 module comprehensive training course with over 25 videos.

You will learn how to find, curate, produce, and publish high quality content quickly that will allow you to satisfy your content needs – and sell this service to clients!

Module #1: Curating Content Manually We want you to know EXACTLY how to curate content so we show you the steps from the ground up. Wondering why you should curate manually and not use a plugin that just mashes up content and makes a post? We explain why and more!
  • Detailed– Get started fast with over the shoulder examples and details.
  • Finding & Publishing – Find out exactly how to find topics and publish CORRECTLY.
  • Best Practices & Outsourcing – Stay safe with best practices and find out how to outsource the process to save time and $$$.
Module #2: Curating Tools & Resources There are a lot of tools and resources out there for you to try out for content creation and curation. In fact, there’s so many that it could take months to find out which one works for you! We’ve taken the hassle out of the process by showing you how many of the top products work so that you can easily see if they will work for you and your business.
  • Save Time & $$$ – Find out exactly how top plugins and software tools operate so you don’t waste your time and money trying out the many choices out there.
  • See Exactly How They Work – Watch as we use the software so that you can pick the best for your business.
  Module #3: Updates As part of our continuing high quality training we provide updates as needed to our training. If we find great new products or massive changes to the processes involved you’ll hear about it from us and get updated training via the members only training area.
  • Stay Up To Date – If major changes occur you’ll be on top of them quickly!

This Awesome Bonus – Is YOURS!

Bonus #1: In Depth Interview With Curation Expert Scott Scanlon This recorded webinar with Scott Scanlon is packed full of gold nuggets that will absolutely blow your mind! Well know for his powerful curation software packages, Scott dives into how to use curation to drive a business and shares some amazing information that will help anyone from the local marketer to the national SEO campaign manager! This interview alone could be sold for the price of the training.
  • Instant – Get access to the webinar recording when you purchase
  • Important Reference Tool – Helpful for uncovering missed opportunities and ninja content methods
  • And So Much More…