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“Be Orgasmic Tantra” an explanation of what our style of Tantra is, how it works and benefits you can expect from it, based on our and other’s personal experiences. We discuss the origins, philosophy, and practices of Tantra. And we answer common questions and discuss how to integrate Tantra into your life.

“Taste of Tantra” Series. This is a 12 week course that gracefully and easily teaches you the core principles and techniques of Be Orgasmic Tantra. We will send you one quick video lesson a week to watch with an entertaining, easy homeplay exercise that you can repeat as much as you like between sessions. This program is designed to help you seamlessly incorporate Tantra into your life, such that it will be easier than brushing your teeth. In this way, you will not be overwhelmed, but effortlessly incorporate the building blocks of Tantra and begin reaping its benefits.

To give you a small sample of what this program can do for you, here are 12 of the amazing gifts that each of these lessons with grant you.

Studies have shown, that this first technique will Increase the chances of you getting Everything you want by 10 times.

The Shift Technique allows the average person to change out of Sadness, Anger or a Funk into Happiness in less than 2 minutes.

The third technique allows you to quickly and easily turn any anxious situation almost immediately into an exciting or relaxing one

We demonstrate how to build your orgasmic energy and send it into your partner without even touching them

The Transmutation Technique helps men have powerful orgasms without ejaculating and women access their orgasm more easily and powerfully

The Witness technique will unleash your power and dynamically accelerate your growth

Learn how to Immediately Double the Length and Intensity of your Orgasm

The Chakra Clearing Technique will open your internal path to turn a trickle of sexual energy into a torrent

We show you what’s stopping you from having all your dreams come true and how to overcome these obstacles

Learn a simple way to live in a magically positive world of peace and love

Discover the single most powerful way to dramatically improve your relationships

And Secrets of Romance Revealed!

You will also have the complete “12 Hour Orgasm” Series

This is a compilation of erotic videos of live sex, demonstrating different Tantric techniques, all filmed within the same 12 hour sexathon. Watch 14 separate videos that cover oral sex for men and women, fun with food, outdoor adventure, massage, giving orgasms without touching, breathing techniques, loud orgasms and much more. During all of them, we are in a constant state of either low or high level orgasm.

These are like nothing you have ever seen before.

Most people who have watched them have told us that they are unique, fascinating, hilarious, and highly arousing.

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BeOrgasmic – Be Orgasmic
5,50 $
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