Ben Adkins Membership Arbitrage

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Ben Adkins Membership Arbitrage

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Ben Adkins – Membership Arbitrage


How to Turn a Simple Fiverr Gig into a

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    You’ll Never Look at Fiverr the Same Way Again (Your Bank Account will Thank You too!)   \'memarbdiagram\'   Part 1 of The Membership Arbitrage Method: The “Where the Hungry Crowd Hides” Map You’ll learn exactly where to look for people who are willing to spend cold hard cash every month for a service which you can provide using Fiverr Gigs. We’ll show you exactly where they hang out and the services that they are looking for that you can provide. This helps you know the exact spot to look when you’re after Buyer Traffic  for your Service Based Membership. We’re giving you our organized and vetted list of the websites and exactly where people hide out on these websites (who are ready to buy).   Part 2 of The Membership Arbitrage Method: The Fiverr Rockstars Bullsey There are a ton of people out there that will tell you that outsourcing task to Fiverr means that you’ll get low quality work.  That is absolutely FALSE if you know where to look. This is a Secret that is usually only talked about in Private High Ticket Masterminds, but you’ll learn right here. I’ll give you a list of vetted Fiverr Providers that fit exactly with the “Hungry Crowd Map” I showed you above and, more importantly, I’ll show you exactly how I find the best Fiverr Providers to provide services. I’ll then walk you through the testing process and what I’m looking for with a provider before I start looking to work with them longterm.   Part 3 of The Membership Arbitrage Method: The “Paint the Right Picture”