Beachbody - A Week Of Hard Labor - Sagi Kalev



Our Toughest Weightlifting Workouts Yet

The Beast is back with five new muscle-building workouts that will put your strength, power, and “whatever it takes” attitude to the test.

Body Beast’s Sagi Kalev is back with five grueling days of intense weightlifting routines that will work your entire body to exhaustion. A WEEK OF HARD LABOR is Beachbody’s toughest weightlifting workout series to date, so you can get the results you want — as long as you’ve got a “whatever it takes” attitude.

When you’ve crushed your first round of A WEEK OF HARD LABOR you’ll be glad it’s over, but Sagi knows you’ll be back for more. These five routines can be used for a lifetime — do them over and over again, or add them à la carte to your workout regimen to target whichever goal you’re focusing on that day.

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