BadBoy – Understanding Woman

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Badboy School is the best e-learning platform to get you good with girls. Learn how to meet new girls or seduce ones you already know. Choose classes you want to attend: Conversational Skills, Night Club or Day Game Mastery, Dates and Relationship, 3somes and much more.

On Understanding Woman Program you will get Inside woman mind, Learn how they think and operate, this Ultimate Program will help you to understand woman in way you always wanted.

You will never hear girls talking about these things!

Inside you will get

Full insight to female mind, the way they think

Key differences between Emotional Vs Physical types of girls and how to get them

Girls point of view : Approaching them alone or with a wingman, what do they like more?

Girls talking about key elements what makes man a man

Female mindset on age difference and does how much looks matter

Main reasons why girls to a club and what do they expect from you when they go out.

Girls going deep on shit-tests, and why do they test us, and how to pass their tests

Girls sharing secrets on Friend-zone and how to escape it

Girls talking about Sexual escalation, what they like, what works on them and what not.

Understanding process of how woman make decisions ( emotions) and how to control it)

Power of First Impression for a woman and how to get best out from it

SIZE: 550 MB

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BadBoy – Understanding Woman Contents: Videos, Pdfs


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BadBoy – Understanding Woman
5,50 $
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