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BadBoy - Mastering Dates and Dating

BadBoy - Mastering Dates and Dating DownloadBusinessCourse download free

BadBoy - Mastering Dates and Dating

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Within this course you will master almost everything that you have to know about dates and dating. You will learn hot to organize a perfect date, where to take her, how to behave, and even how not to pay for a date. This course will answer the questions that you always had about dates, and it will give you an easy structure to follow in order to get them, organize them and to benefit the most from them.

Inside of this course you will learn:

- 3 “mini date” technique

- 15 “Rules and Principles” of dating

- How to ask her out

- Hoe to plan and organize a “perfect date”

- Where to take her

- About money and dates

- How to invite her home and cook for her

- What to talk on date

- How to prepare your home for dates

SIZE: 340 MB

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BadBoy - Mastering Dates and Dating Contents: Videos, docx