Arash Dibazar – The Eyes Of Truth

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The TRUTH about how To Get Rid Of Your Self Doubts…

even if You Think There Is No Hope For You!

Every single time you’re faced with a decision to do something in your life and you choose to decide from a place of fear, doubt, unsureness, and insecurity, recognize that you are in that moment not only deciding from a place of insecurity, doubt and unsureness, but you’re actually CREATING from the position of weakness. This means, that you are causing things to exist in your life, from a place of fear…. but why is that so?

It’s a universe of vibration!

Life consists, as Tesla said, of energies, frequencies, and vibrations. When you make a decision from a low frequency, you create your life from a low frequency. Now you might wonder why so many times you come across powerful teachings, start to make a change in your life and all of a sudden people start to resist you. They resist you because you have originally created your life from a low-frequency and now you have a high-frequency teaching. So when these 2 frequencies collide, they go in conflict with each other, do you get it? This should be no surprise to you.

So no matter where you are in life, how old you are and where you live, at some point your values, desires and goals have collided with those of other people around you. You were stuck between 2 decisions and did not know which one represented you and which one didn‘t…

Now whether this was a random decision or a life-altering, one thing is for sure: The longer you carry this inability with you, the more likely you will at some point make a major decision, that might cause a huge damage in your life, be it picking the right education, the right job or the right partner.

What will you do about it?

In “The eye of truth“ Arash Zepar Dibazar gives an exact step by step process to avoid this painful experience. He teaches how to remove the false filters of society and empowers you to create a life based on your values, goals and aspirations. Stop living the lives of other people and gain a clear vision on where you want to be in life.

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Arash Dibazar – The Eyes Of Truth
5,50 $
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