Arash Dibazar – Create Your Reality

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In this 4 disc DVD set Arash Dibazar will guide you on how to create the life you always wanted. All of us are an open book, and our life can be filled with the experiences we choose to have. It is up to you to write your own book and fill each chapter with powerful stories.
How to connect your interests to the avatar/archetype you want to portray
How to transition to her fantasies and the chick crack
The true reasons behind marriage
You control your own balls and your own dick
Reasons for peacocking
Using acting in game
How much say do you have over the character you are playing/Over your life
How to prevent yourself from sounding like you are bragging
Understanding your strengths and using them to your advantage
Having a “million dollars in your pocket” frame when out to game
How a younger guy competes with an older man for beautiful women
What tribe do you belong to? Can she figure it out by your look and by your actions/activities?
Are your beliefs and your beliefs system powerful enough to get the girl?
Create your reality
The science of mating


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Arash Dibazar – Create Your Reality Contents: Videos, Audios


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Arash Dibazar – Create Your Reality
5,50 $
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