Andriy Boychuk – eCommerce Email Marketing Customer Lifecycle

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Module 1 – Strategy


From years of experience, we’ve developed an approach that removes the guesswork when setting up your foundational emails.

What it requires is an understanding of what stage of the customer lifecycle your customer’s in and applying it to every email sequence you set up.



Module 2 – Copy


Learn how to create engaging, vibrant copy for opt-in forms, emails for flows, surveys, and everything in between.

Check out successful client examples, access helpful email templates, and learn to write flawless footer messages (that fine print at the bottom of every email).

Work on the copy yourself or just pass our guidelines that break down what to include in each email along to a professional writer.



Module 3 – Design


Flowium Lead Email Designer Marcy Chu will join our CEO Andriy Boychuk to talk all things design.

We’ll break down our basic email templates and walk you through some real life examples of how to adjust a single template to work for every email in a campaign.

We’ll also get into the importance of Hero Images, when to use text-based emails, and teach you how to build forms using Klaviyo’s Form Builder.



Module 4 – Implementation


It’s time to put your strategy into action!

This step has its fair share of sticking points, so we’ve built a clear path that you can follow (or use to effectively outsource this crucial step).

We’ll give you a downloadable Klaviyo set up checklist to consult before implementing every flow and use detail-packed videos to show you how to turn your strategy, copy, and design into completed flows in Klaviyo.



Module 5 – Evaluate & Optimize


It’s time to start split testing.

To get the most out of your email strategy, you need to improve your approach iteration by iteration.

We’ll teach you how to use a variety of metrics to analyze and improve your performance. We’ll also cover how to execute a successful test email, what data to focus on, and when to adjust and optimize your flows.


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Andriy Boychuk – eCommerce Email Marketing Customer Lifecycle: Videos


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Andriy Boychuk – eCommerce Email Marketing Customer Lifecycle
5,50 $
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