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Andrew Payne – Coaching

Accelerate your learning and get on the right path to building profitable mobile pop campaigns…

Affiliate marketing can be tough and there are so many skills and concepts that you must learn before it starts to pay off. Just like going to school as a kid, having someone to guide and teach you the important concepts will help you reach your goals much faster.

If you are facing any of these problems, you’ve come to the right place for help:

Unable to find good offers…

You don’t know which traffic sources use… Every campaign you launch is a failure… You have no clue what the right bidding strategy is… Never created a process for testing offers and campaigns… Scaling a campaign to more than $50/day has yet to happen… You haven’t figured out how to making consistent profit… All the spy tools seem to pick up your landing pages as soon as your campaigns go live… The affiliate, advertisers and affiliate networks keep finding your landing pages… When should you run aggressive campaigns or when not to… Cloaking is a mystery that you only dream of learning… and I could go on and on…

If you are tired of spinning in circles, I can teach you exactly what you need to know…

I know how frustrating it is to launch campaign after campaign and all you see are lots of red numbers, with no clue how to fix it. Then you get even more stressed out because you are spending your own money and its flying out the door so quickly.

Like many of you, at one point I was working 16 hours a day for weeks months… I was tired, frustated and felt like I had made very little progress. But I was determined not to give up and being relentless, I eventually started to see my luck turn around.

Fast forward to now,  I’m steadily growing my affiliate business and in the process have started to give advice to others who are pursuing the same journey.

Stay focused, get the right advice and never give up… you will succeed.


It’s time to make a choice… are you serious about affiliate marketing?

At the end of the day, you have to be fully committed to make affiliate marketing work or you are just wasting time and energy. It’s my goal to equip you with the right knowledge so you can build profitable mobile pop campaigns.

If you are focused and really put in the effort, it’s possible to change your lifestyle completely within 3 to 6 months.

There are only a few coaching spots available

While I want to help as many other affiliate marketers as possible, I stay very busy and only have the availability to accept a few students at a time.

There may be some situations where I don’t feel 100% positive that I can help you or you may not be in a position to get the most out of working with me. In those instances, I would be honest with you and just tell you plainly. It is not my intentions to waste your time or mine.

If you are interested in becoming a coaching student…

I have created a simple, very straight forward coaching application that will only take a few minutes for you to fill out. The purpose of this application is to give me a good idea of your experience level, what your goals are and to help to determine if we are a good fit.

If you would like to become a coaching student, please select an option below and click the Apply for Coaching button.

After completing the short application, you will be taken to a page were you can schedule a quick 5-minute interview with me, that is absolutely no cost to you. This casual interview will be used to understand your goals and discuss becoming a student.

After the interview, if we are both comfortable moving forward you will then be able to schedule your first coaching session.

Go ahead and fill out an application right now before all coaching spots are filled. I look forward to work together and help you reach your goals in affiliate marketing.