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Alex Mandossian Stick Strategy Secrets

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Discover the Fastest, Easiest, Most Enjoyable Ways
to Generate Repeat Business, Win Referrals, and
Increase Your Revenue and Profits

  • Put your lead-generation on auto-pilot ... and attract better-qualified prospects
  • Break through email clutter and pre-qualify potential customers
  • Reduce refunds, keep more clients and boost client lifetime value
  • Effortlessly build credibility and trust with skeptical buyers
  • Generate more word-of-mouth and direct referrals
  • Find world-class vendors ... and leverage them for more business

The Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
When Pursuing Bigger Profits

Mistake #1: They work harder and longer.

Most entrepreneurs sacrifice free time, vacations, evenings at home with the family, time out with friends, exercise and sleep in a quest to maximize the hours they log at work. Their Calvinistic work ethic mistakenly leads them to believe that the longer and harder they work, the more money they'll make.

Why this is a mistake: You went into business for yourself to have more time and flexibility. Worker longer and harder will burn you out ... and wreak havoc with your relationships. Worst of all, sacrificing self-care eventually decreases your productivity and increases the chances of making costly errors.

Mistake #2: They slash expenses.

One part of the profit equation is expenses ... so profit-hungry entrepreneurs chop away at expenditures with a vengeance. They stop spending money on employee education. They cut back on marketing and advertising. They nickel and dime every vendor they can in the quest to lower their bills.

Why this is a mistake:  The areas that get trimmed are most often the areas that should be invested in ... IF you want to survive and thrive. Not investing in yourself and employees means that eventually you'll fall behind your competitors in terms of knowledge and skills. Not investing in marketing means eventually your customers will forget about you. Squeezing vendors for every cent eventually will sour key relationships.

Mistake #3: They prospect for more clients.

After all, more clients will generate more revenue, right?

Why this is a mistake: Landing new clients takes time and money – anywhere from 5 to 10 times as much as it does to make a repeat sale to an existing customer. It's far easier to get a client to buy a second time than it is to make a first-time sale.

Growing your clientele is fine ... but not when you've overlooked faster, easier and cheaper methods to increase revenue.

Listen, I don't want you to make these critical mistakes. Especially when so many business owners are struggling to survive ... and especially when there are so many easy ways to boost profits quickly.

That's why I'm writing.

The Secret to Eye-Popping Profits Revealed

Highly profitable businesses know that the secret to increasing revenue and minimizing losses is having a follow-up system in place to nurture new customers. Even the simplest forms of follow-up can help to:

  • Decrease your refund rates
  • Turn more first-time buyers into repeat customers
  •  And ensure that existing customers stay with you for life!

I call them "Stick Strategies" because they do just that: They make your sales stick ... and they make your customers stick.

So why don't most companies use stick strategies? Personally, I think it's because many entrepreneurs like the adrenaline rush of pursuing and landing new clients.

Others think that the process of following up is complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

In fact, stick strategies can be ridiculously easy, fun and low-cost. Plus, you can put them on autopilot ... leaving you free to focus on servicing existing customers and drumming up new business.

I believe so firmly in the power of stick strategies that I've partnered with one of the world's leading experts on stick strategies – my good friend, Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing – to create a brand-new training program.

Discover the E.L.F. Approach to
Making Sales and Customers Stick

In Stick Strategy Secrets™: Time-Tested Tactics That Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses, you'll discover 106 time-proven stick strategies and tactics to use when selling your products and services ... plus real-life case studies, templates, samples and scripts to help you put them to work immediately in your business.

Stick Strategy Secrets™ shows you exactly how to form bonds and develop lasting relationships with the customers and clients you already have. So you can...

  • Make more sales with less effort than ever
  • Reduce your refunds and the losses associated with them
  • Add huge sums to your bottom line 
  • Create an army of loyal repeat customers
  • Stand head and shoulders above your competitors
  • Reduce your marketing investments while increasing your returns
  • Generate priceless word of mouth and "buzz" among your customers
  • Visit the bank more often to deposit your checks!

Best of all, these strategies what Joe calls "E.L.F." – Easy, Lucrative, and Fun.

The tactics you'll discover will take mere minutes to implement. And once they're set up, you can put them on autopilot. So they do the critical work of nurturing client relationships ... while you invest your time finding new business and thinking up even better ways to serve customers.

How do I know?

I Use These Strategies Myself ... and
Learned Many of Them From Joe

I consider myself a good marketer. Others seem to agree – many thought leaders have confided that they consider me to be one of the top 10 direct marketers in the world.

The proof? I've helped my clients generate over $300 million in sales and profits for my clients and partners via "electronic marketing" media such as TV Infomercials, online catalogs, 24-hour recorded messages, voice/fax broadcasting, Teleseminars, Webinars, Podcasts and Internet Marketing.

I've consulted Carnegie Training, New York University, 1ShoppingCart,, Rokenbok Toys, and with top business leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, John Childers, T. Harv Eker, Dr. Stephen Covey, Harvey Mackay and
many others.

My business has grown into a multi-million-dollar operation. Revenue has increased more than 4,000 percent since my first year in business – in fact, I turned my 2001 annual revenue into an hourly income by 2006.

But when I met Joe, I discovered just how much more
I had to learn
 when it came to stick strategies.

Joe is an unparalleled genius when it comes to using stick strategies to build easy, lucrative and fun businesses. He made his fortune in an almost-invisible niche by showing carpet cleaners how to crush the competition and turn their small local businesses into money-churning machines. His unique mix of real-world experience and stunning financial success has turned him into one of the most well-known, respected, "complete marketing geniuses" in the world.

Consulting clients from many different countries each happily pay up to $10,000 a day just to hear his advice. His boot camps attract convention-sized audiences full of famous entrepreneurs and many of the "superstars" of marketing and advertising.

Joe's phenomenally success marketing systems are firmly rooted in stick strategies. He excels at spotting hidden opportunities to strengthen and leverage client relationships.

Best of all, his techniques are easy, fun, lucrative ... and can be done almost entirely
on autopilot.

7 Ways You'll Benefit

When you're armed with Stick Strategy Secrets™, you'll know how to:

  • Turn your first-time buyers into lifetime customers. The father of direct mail, Dick Benson, found that if you can get a second sale out of your customers, you can count on them to be worth 3X as much to you over the course of their lifetime.
  • Transform your business into money machine.  Stick strategies give you the ability to quickly and robotically respond to the purchasing actions of your customers. You won't have to stand around waiting for orders to magically appear. Stick strategies let you take a "proactive approach" that automatically guides customers down the purchasing path that you've already paved for them.
  • Fatten the bottom-line of all your products/services! The cost of acquiring a customer for the second sale is ZERO. You already have them! Which means that you are operating at pure profit with your existing customers. The second, third, and fourth sales all go directly into your pocket.
  • Generate referral business ... and save on marketing costs. Referred customers are the best type to have – they come pre-qualified and usually are eager to buy. One entire section of Stick Strategy Secrets™ focuses on how you can generate more referral business.
  • Instantly gain a HUGE competitive advantage. It doesn't matter if you're up against one, ten, or even 100 competitors. I guarantee you that none of them are using these stick strategies. The simple fact is ... most business owners don't understand the critical nature of stick strategies.
  • Save money. Most of these stick strategies are inexpensive to implement. Some are absolutely free!
  • Increase productivity. If you're like most business owners, you want to devote your time to the activities that produce revenue. The good news is that Stick Strategy Secrets™ allows you to put your customer follow-up on autopilot. So you can invest your time in activities that increase revenue.