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How To Finally Step Into Your “Authentic Manhood” & Start Getting The Automatic Respect From Women You’ve Always Wanted…And The Happy & Fulfilling Relationships You Deserve

“Real Man” Means “Self Authentication”

Just so there’s no misunderstanding here… There is nothing wrong with all the positive qualities of manhood like strength, courage, decisiveness, leadership…

The problem is that you can never BECOME a man by running around trying to be those qualities for someone else… trying to be a certain way because you think that’s the way other people will accept you.

And that’s the difference that actually makes the difference.

Eventually I found the mentors and teachers that helped me to scrape myself off of the floor and build myself up step-by-step as an authentic man, with authentic confidence.

What they taught me was that I had to figure out how to love myself enough to stop listening to my inner voice of doubt and instead to live my Truth.

The crazy thing is that before I figured all of this stuff out (with a lot of help!) I never imagined that it was possible for me to live as the Man I am today.

Trying to “be a real man” in order to please, prove something, impress, put down, or win over, anybody else always leads to shit. It doesn’t matter what you achieve, how much money you make, or how many “chicks you bang,” as long as you’re stuck in that mindset, true happiness, true love, and and true masculine ease are impossible.

What Is A “Real” Man?

Fake men seek approval and avoid criticism

Real men enjoy both criticism and approval with equanimity and curiosity

Fake men chase rainbows and waste their time trying to “get it right”

Real men know what is right by knowing what is True, and simply do it

Fake men compensate for their perceived inadequacies, annoying people, and driving away what they most want: love, respect and belonging

Real men have a deep knowing that they are adequate, whole, and complete; they attract high quality women and friends

Fake men have trouble fitting in and feel uncomfortable

Real men comfortably let the world fit in around themselves, have no trouble being alone, and have no trouble in social groups

Fake men lack confidence in themselves and their decisions

Real men make decisions confidently and accept all of the consequences

Fake men are out of touch with their real emotions and truth, they are experts in self-deception

Real men can handle and be truthful about all of their emotions, as well as the emotions of others

Fake men collapse when faced with a big challenge

Real men grow when faced with a big challenge

Fake men base their lives and actions on fear, seeking outer approval and success to “prove” themselves

Real men base their lives on deep truth and love

Fake men don’t know their deepest truth

Real men never forget their deepest truth

Fake men fade into the background in fear of being noticed, or puff themselves up for fear of being not noticed

Real men are powerfully present and take command when they can be of service

Fake men are distant, checked-out lovers

Real men are passionate, sensitive, commanding lovers

When You Download The Course You Get Instant Access To…

Social Confidence

    Navigating Social Conflict In A Way That Is Clear, Manly, And Does Not Require Escalation Or Making Others Lose Face

    Dealing With Attractive Women And The Skills And Mindset Necessary To Maintain Your Frame And Confidence Under The Social Pressure Of Your Own Attraction. (This Is The Issue That Sabotages Social Situations For So Many Men, And It’s Essential To Learn How To Overcome It In Order To Feel Whole As A Man)

    The Simple Social Intelligence Distinction That Eliminates Shyness, Introversion, Or Social Anxiety. Many Introverted Men Resort To “Faking It” Or Tricks In Order To “Overcome” What They See As A Social Liability. That’s A Mistake. When You Do The Work To Integrate Your Introversion As A Congruent Part Of Your Masculinity, Others (Including Attractive Women) Will Do The Work To Be Social With YOU

    Capturing The Heart Of A Great Women

    Masculine Presence And Creating Sexual Tension With Women Without Resorting To Lines, Techniques, Or Transactional Efforts At Trying To Come Across As Someone You Are Not (And Don’t Need To Be To Get Women Sexually Interested In You)

    Sexual Confidence And Learning To Have Fun And Ease With The Sexual Tension You Create With Women, And The Pleasure Of Being Confident In Your Sexual Performance.

    Being A Man With Women Becomes An Enjoyable Experience For You.

    Maintaining Attraction, Passion, And Devotion From A Woman In Relationship. The Bad News For So Many Relationships Is That This Can’t Be Faked. The Good News Is That You Won’t Have To Fake It When You Leave This Workshop

    Financial Freedom

    This Is NOT A Business Seminar And We Are Not Guaranteeing “You’ll Make Millions,” (As Nathan Says: “You Can Only Influence How Much You Earn, But You Are In Complete Control Over How Much You Contribute”)… But You Can Dramatically Improve Your Financial Circumstance And Ability To Accomplish More By Applying These Masculine Principles:

    Overcoming “Laziness” By Connecting Your Efforts To Your Deepest Values And Prioritizing “Focused Rejuvenation”

    Supercharging Productivity By Controlling Context And Understanding “Planning Mind” And “Doing Mind”

    Prioritization And The Positive “No”

    Discovering And Understanding How To Value Your Gifts For Contribution

    Confidence & Self Trust

    The Deepest Work Of This Weekend Intensive Will Focus On The Foundation Stones Of Building True Confidence, Not Merely The Temporary High Of Circumstantial Confidence…

    Self Trust And Creating The Habits Of Strengthening Your Bond With Yourself

    Self Acceptance And Understanding Self Criticism In It’s Constructive And Destructive Terms So That You Can Move Past Your Negative Self Talk And Stop Suffering. Self Acceptance Is A Pre-Requisite For Growth And A Central Theme Of This Workshop

    We Will Be Actively Work-Shopping And Engaging In Powerful Exercises That Create Confidence In Every Aspect Of Life: Love, Belonging, Joy, Courage, Empathy, Authenticity, And Creativity

    “Becoming a real man is to master the process of self-authentication as it is lived in your own life.”

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Alex Allman – How To Man
5,50 $
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