66 Texts That Make Her Chase You for Sex – Andrew Ryan

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almost every time you press the “send” button

Here’s the deal… I’ve created a dating manual for men called:


However, it is NOT for everyone.

It’s explicit, it’s expensive, and it’s only for men willing to put themselves out there and actually talk to attractive girls. It’s also extremely effective at doing one thing:

Getting those girls to text you back right away, show genuine interest in getting to know you, and eagerly move things forward to meeting you in person.

Even better, these 66 Texts are so irresistible to women… when she shows up to see you, she’ll be 90% sure she wants to sleep with you that same night.

No more wracking your brain with anxiety, trying to think of the perfect thing to text that girl you like…

Just send her any 1 of these 66 texts…

And you will get a response that easily leads to sex. That’s my guarantee to you. But don’t just take my word for it…

Scroll down this page right now to see explicit screenshot evidence of this working for guys who have tried it so far.

Then get the “66 Texts” for yourself and see how fast and easy they work for you too.

Here’s a taste of what’s waiting for you inside…

    A shockingly simple 7-word text that almost always leads to sex on the first date.

    One weird text you MUST use if you’re older than her. If she’s teasing you about your age, it may already be too late.

    ​The “cute/kinky combo” that got my friend a date with a famous Instagram model… She ignored hundreds of guys every day, but this is the one message that actually got her heart pounding.

    The #1 most irresistible “first message” of all time. No girl can ignore this message, they always show interest and respond right away.

    ​The “Halo Effect”… the easiest way to seduce girls who say you’re not tall enough.

    The boneheaded “Beta mistake” most guys have no clue they’re making… and how to use it to make every other guy look like a loser when they try to text her.

    When she sends short responses that lead nowhere… try the “Chase Command” to make her work harder for your attention… she’ll be writing you paragraphs and worrying it’s still not enough to impress you.

    1 tiny thing you MUST do immediately after getting her number to guarantee she won’t flake on you later.

    ​The “Temptation Text”… a shockingly effective way to revive a conversation that went cold, without looking needy or desperate.

    The “Candy Crush” technique… how to use the same addictive tricks used in billion dollar mobile games to get her addicted to YOU.

    The REAL reason girls on dating apps say “not here for hookups”… and the easiest way to hook up with her anyways. You’ll have to try your BEST not to laugh when you hear “I swear, I never do this” from the 5th or 6th girl in a row…

    ​​The “BFF Text”… put her in your “Friend zone” and watch her scramble to get out. Girls secretly LOVE it when you have the upper hand like this.

    The “Pink Pornstar” message that gets her heart pounding like a horny groupie with backstage passes… for some reason this always works

    ​Send this one playful message and she will start daydreaming about kissing you… even if you haven’t kissed before. It’s crazy no other guy even knows about this!

    The “Lust Shortcut” – gets her to suggest you skip the date and come over to hook up… you better shower and make your bed before she’s banging on your front door.

    ​A heart-pounding “Taboo Text” that will get her wet, even while she’s at work or out in public.

    A little-known hypnotic trick that gives her a shot of dopamine every time she sees your name pop up on her phone.

    The “Casanova Text” – every girl is a sucker for this one, but most men have no clue about it.


01. The Most Irresistible Dating Profile Ever

02. 33 Done For You Text Conversations

In ‘66 TEXTS’ I’ll Show You How To Use


To Get Her HOOKED On Your Messages

and there’s so much more…

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66 Texts That Make Her Chase You for Sex – Andrew Ryan
5,50 $
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