4 Hour Sales Letter

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4 Hour Sales Letter


Here’s what you’ll download today:

An instant download of my “Irresistible Offers” presentation which will keep you busy until Monday ($47.00 value)

An instant download of my “Running Research Document” which will tell you exactly what you need to find out to write the most persuasive copy possible ($27.00 value)

An instant download of my “Feature Inventory Template” which will show you what to say to make your product desirable to the prospect ($27.00 value)

An instant download of my “Ultimate Marketing Swipe File” filled with thousands of winning promotions you can swipe from ($97.00 value)

One “Sales Letter Critique” done by me. Justin Quick, to make sure you´ve got the strongest copy possible ($500.00 Service)

Instant download of my ‘‘The 4 Hour Sales Letter” presentation, plus the “Instant Online Sales” webinar you just experienced, plus my presentation slides ($197.00 value)



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